Once or twice a year I reserve a slot between commissions to build an instrument that can be had for a reasonable cost. Many players make sacrifices to study classical guitar yet cannot afford an expensive guitar made just for them. This instrument represents my personal sacrifice to those players and embodies the most essential components of a concert instrument: beautiful sound, easy playability and good workmanship. I choose the woods for these guitars, execute a simple but cohesive aesthetic, and use a finish of my choice. In some of these guitars I might try a small experiment or use a less time intensive finish like a hand brushed lacquer or oil varnish. Despite these time saving techniques, however, I will only make available guitars that meet my demanding criteria for a great musical instrument. The current price for student model guitars is $3000. I get many inquiries about these guitars and have to make it clear that I put these guitars up for sale periodically; they are not available for commission or reservation.