Dear Guitar Players and Enthusiasts,

I build classical and fingerstyle acoustic guitars in the Spanish tradition from the Sobel workshop in Ridgefield, Washington.

My guitars are individually built with the highest level of craftsmanship both inside and out, and tailored to the individual. There are elements of my guitars that I consider essential across the board. These include an alluring sound, broad tonal palette, excellent projection, precise intonation, good playability, and a well executed aesthetic.  My goal is to ensure that these elements are present whether building a spruce top guitar with Indian Rosewood back and sides, or a cedar top with Malaysian Blackwood.

The relationship between the artist and their guitar is important. Oftentimes one has an ideal sound in their mind’s eye that can be difficult to put into words. An important part of the building process to me is establishing that sound with the artist. The sound may not yet be fully realized because it lacks a medium through which it can be expressed. Using my knowledge of wood and its musical properties I strive to give you that voice and craft an instrument that is an ideal match for many years to come.

My guitars are important to me both in my workshop and out, so they are guaranteed for my active life as a builder. The purchase of a C.E. Sobel guitar is more than a one-time transaction, but rather the beginning of a lifelong relationship with both the instrument and its maker.

Please enjoy my webpage, and call me at (505) 699-4032 if you have any questions.




Christopher E. Sobel


Brazilian rosewood back with spanish cedar centerstrip and braces, finished in shellac